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How To Play The Pull Shot

How To Play The Pull Shot

Cricket - Play The Pull Shot. The pull shot can be a great attacking weapon in your batting arsenal, here's how to play it! A show that can make big runs quickly.

Step 1: When to play the pull shot

The pull shot is ideal for playing short deliveries on the leg side in an attacking way. Balls that are short pitched and reach the batsman around waist high and on the leg side. Keep your eyes on the ball at all times, if you don't, the ball is likely to hit you on the head or the chest.

Step 2: Don't Delay

If you don't decide and move early enough you may lose your wicket

Step 3: Back and across

As the back swing starts, the head, shoulders and back foot move back and across.

Step 4: The front foot

The front leg is moved back and towards the leg side, forming the base for the shot with the head slightly forward.

Step 5: Swing the bat down

The bat is brought down and across, making contact with the ball as early as possible in front of the body. Hitting the ball downwards will help you avoid being caught out. Try and roll the wrists at the moment of impact.

Step 6: The follow through

The follow through will either see both feet move round and point to the path of the shot, or your front leg will be raised off the ground, with your weight pivoting on the back foot. Keeping your head still throughout the shot will also help your balance and timing

Step 7: Ready to play