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How To Play The Square Cut

How To Play The Square Cut

How To Play The Square Cut. If you get a ball outside your off-stump, you may be able play this attacking shot. Get it right, and a four is yours!

Step 1: When to play

You should play the square cut on a delivery which is short of a length on or outside the off stump

Step 2: Lean backwards

Lean backwards with your weight on the back foot

Step 3: The back swing

The bat should be taken back at about shoulder height

Step 4: Extend your arms

The bat is brought down and across, making contact with the ball at full arm extension. Keep the head still and roll the wrists forwards to keep the ball down

Step 5: TOP TIP

Rolling the wrists on impact means that the ball stays down and you are less likely to get caught

Step 6: The follow-through

Follow through with the shot, leaving the weight on the back foot and the bat finishing over the front shoulder and behind the head

Step 7: Ready to play