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How To Play The Straight Drive

How To Play The Straight Drive

How To Play The Straight Drive. The straight drive is one of the key attacking strokes in cricket, hitting the ball back down the wicket and hopefully to the boundary!

Step 1: When to play

You should play the straight drive to a full delivery on middle or off stump

Step 2: Lean forward

With your eyes fixed on the ball, lean in with the front shoulder, the left if you are right-handed, the right if you are left-handed. The front foot and a bent front knee form the base for the shot. Raise the bat with a backswing to give yourself enough momentum when making contact with the ball. Keep your head over the ball at the moment of contact.

Step 3: Head forward

The head should at least be level or ahead of the front knee, with the back foot raised up to the toes. The bat accelerates vertically, make contact with the ball beneath the eyes.

Step 4: Keep the bat straight

The bat accelerates through a straight path, with the wrists relaxing and the face of the bat pointing to the sky.

Step 5: The follow through

A high follow through not only looks good but also ensures good contact has been made with the ball. Keeping the face of the bat angled towards the ground will keep the ball down and will help you avoid being caught out.

Step 6: Ready to play