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How To Play The Sweep Shot

How To Play The Sweep Shot

Play the Sweep Shot. The sweep shot is a popular attacking stroke that is also very dangerous, so you must know the right technique to pull it off.

Step 1: When to play

The sweep shot is ideal for playing spin bowling on the leg side in an attacking way.

Step 2: Don't Delay

If you don't decide and move early enough you may lose your wicket

Step 3: The sweep

Lead towards the line of the ball with head and front shoulder. Place the front pad into the line of the ball and then bending the front leg and collapsing the back leg. Your bat should be above your head in a high backswing

Step 4: Lean forward

With your head over the front knee, bring the bat down and across from a high backswing

Step 5: Extend your arms

Strike the ball in front of the pad with the arms outstretched and both shoulders facing directly down the pitch. Hitting the ball downwards will help you avoid being caught out. Try and roll the wrists at the moment of impact.

Step 6: Ready to play