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How To Play 'What's The Time Mr Wolf'

How To Play 'What's The Time Mr Wolf'

Play 'What's The Time Mr Wolf'. The children of St Cuthbert's School take you through the rules of the playground game 'What's the time Mr Wolf'. A classic game for younger children.

Step 1: For this game you will need

A Wall
People To Play

Step 2: Choose Mr. Wolf

One person is chosen to play the Wolf. They can be chosen by a quick game of 'Ip Dip'. The rules for this game may be found in the Videojug film 'How to Play Ip Dip'. Alternatively you can just nominate someone to play Mr Wolf. Mr Wolf stands facing a wall, with her back to the rest of the players.

Step 3: Ask the time

Everyone else starts out at a base at the opposite end of the playground to Mr Wolf. They all ask loudly, "What's the time, Mr. Wolf?".

Step 4: Call the time

Mr. Wolf calls out a time of day. For example, "It's 5 o' clock!". The other players then take the same number of steps forward as the time called out by the Wolf. So if the wolf said 5 o' clock, the players take 5 steps forward, counting out loud as they go.

Step 5: Repeat

They ask the wolf the same question again and the Wolf answers with a different time like 3 o' clock. The rest of the players step forward again according to the time called out.

Step 6: Dinner time!

Repeating this a few times allows the players to get very close to the Wolf. The closer they get the more exciting it gets, because at her discretion, the Wolf can shout "Dinner time!" Which is the cue for the Wolf to chase the players and try to tag them. The person the Wolf catches becomes the next Mr. Wolf.