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How To Point A Wall

How To Point A Wall

Pointing is a simple job and crucial because it makes the wall water tight and protected from the elements. So if you've got half an hour to spare, here's how it's done.

Step 1: Check for gaps

Have a good look at all the joints between the bricks, both horizontal - or bed joints, and the vertical 'cross joints'. There should be an even line of mortar, more or less flush with the bricks, if this is lacking at any point, patch in a little more mortar with a narrow trowel.

Step 2: Point

The time to point your wall is when the mortar is 'thumbprint' hard, not as soon as you have laid it. Use a pointing trowel, a piece of rubber hose, or even a bucket handle - place it on the mortar joint and applying a little pressure pull it along to create a compact, concave joint. Do the cross joints first, then the horizontal bed joints.

Step 3: Pointing Exposed Walls

If your wall is going to take a real battering from the elements, you might want to use a weatherstruck joint. This is an angled joint so the water runs straight off. Use the end of your trowel to shape the mortar to the correct angle.

Step 4: Brush

Finish up by sweeping over the wall with a soft hand brush to remove any remaining crumbs of mortar.