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How To Polish Stones

How To Polish Stones

Here's how to clean and polish stone jewellery.

Hi, I'm Cherie Birks from Cool Diamonds in London, Hatton Garden, and I'm a goldsmith here and I've been a goldsmith for nearly 10 years and I trained for that in Australia. But apparently, we sell diamonds mounted in platinum, 18-karat white gold and 18-karat yellow gold. I'm here to demonstrate polishing and resizing of rings and diamond jewellery.

So now, I'm going to demonstrate how to clean colored stone jewellery. You have to be really careful about some colored stones through because things like emeralds are heat treated prior to their cutting or post-cutting and you have to be really careful about putting them from hot water to cold water because they can break. So, definitely for cleaning colored stones, use very mild warm water, mild detergent and a very small amount of ammonia or salt.

Just to protect your stones and don't use this method for cleaning pearls because it can ruin them. So again, the same, like I said before, bath of warm water, ammonia, drop of dish detergent and you can soak your colored stones but it's better just to clean them more regularly than to soak them. So, let's give that a bit of a swish and brush in around the back of the setting.

Make sure any diamonds are just brushed over those. That's it, a bit of a swish, and in the same sort of temperature of water, give it a rinse. Dry with a soft cotton cloth.

Then if you have a polishing cloth, just go ever the metal as well and the stone and that will bring it up really well. And that's how to clean colored stone jewellery. .