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How To Pop And Lock

How To Pop And Lock

Popping and Locking is a fun, dynamic dance style that anyone can learn to impress and entertain their friends. In this brief dynamic VideoJug presentation, dancer Benjamin Jax breaks down the steps to popping and locking and provides great tips for maintaining the proper mindset for an entertaining performance.

Now, most people sort of see popping and locking as a style, but actually, it's very much a technique. So, it doesn't matter who you are. Anyone can do this move.

You just have to add your own personality to it. If you don't ghetto, don't do ghetto. Just give it, give it whatever you want to give.

There are lots of different things going on very, very quickly. But it's just breaking down a simple movement into different parts. So if you can imagine that you were pulling on a piece of rope, instead of just turning, pretend to pull the rope.

You'd break that down into, sort of, little segments. So, imagine every little part of your body that moves, to create the pulling of that rope. What would you do? You would think about your legs moving first.

Then you would move your arms. You would prepare your arms. You would jerk your body back.

You would pull yourself forward. You would pull yourself forward. Pull yourself forward.

You would look up to the ladder. Hand. Hand.

And up. And up. And up.

Hang off the ladder. And up. And it' breaking down; there's a lot of movements.

So, you would have maybe look at the birds are signing. And back. And just give it some creativity.

Get a little story going on in your head. I think that's the biggest thing that people miss in dance. It's that the people who do their best dancing are the people that have a little, kind of, story going on in their head.

They're not just walking along trying to look cool. They're having fun. It's sort of tongue-in-cheek.

So when you're on the dance floor, instead of trying to pull off the best move, there's a little bit of a story going on with it. That's what I find really entertaining when I watch somebody dance. So, we've got that rope.

We're going to start by turning our legs, turning our bodies, hand, hand, legs up, hand, hand, look, legs up, up, and up. Turn. Grab the rope.

Up. Whew! Up! And that's all body-popping is. If you break it, if you want to make it, break it down a little harder.

Then you can sort of have more dynamic moves. So, that's popping and locking. .