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How To Pose Like A Male Model

How To Pose Like A Male Model

How To Pose Like A Male Model. In this video, a modelling expert gives tips on how to pose if you want to be a model. The key is to hide imperfections, and enhance your quality. Finding the right pose will take lots and lots of practising. The video also explains how to pose while standing up, both as a male and female model.

Hi, my name is Renee Barca. I work at IMM model agency. I'm going to speak to you about how the modelling industry works.

I'm going to explain to you how to pose like a model. The only way to do is, is through lots and lots of practise. I tell all of my models to get in front of a mirror and to sit there and pretend they were on a photoshoot and strike different poses.

Everybody has their own imperfections and as a result, you need to pose to hide these imperfections. If you have a large nose, you need to turn a particular way, and if you have a big chin, you need to pose in another way. The only way to do this is through lots and lots of practise.

Example: if you have a big jaw line, the best way to pose is to turn your head and to look up so you're concealing your jaw. If you have a large nose, the best thing to do is to get your nose out of focus, so by putting it to the side, is also a big help. These are just little examples, not gospel, so therefore the only way to figure out what the best pose for you is, is to practise and practise and practise in front of the mirror.

The best way to pose while standing up, is to put all your weight on your back leg and then to put your front leg in front, which has no weight on it whatsoever. The best way to look slender, is to bend your front leg and pop out your hand on your hip, and to arch your back, so that your bottom sticks out and your chest comes forward. This creates a slender look, makes your stomach flatter, your breast bigger, and it makes your bottom look a lot nicer.

For men, obviously they don't need to worry about this, so for men, the best way is to stand, again with hand on hips, just to show definition of your body and to smile and look at the camera. As you can see here, this model here is doing the exact pose that I was just saying, weight on the back leg, bending up the front leg, hand on the hip. Again, this shows how slender she looks, just based on that one pose.

The best way to do this is to have both hands on hips, as this emphasizes the smaller waist and makes you look a lot thinner, which is always great for photoshoots, especially lingerie or swimwear modelling. And this is the way to pose as a model. .