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How To Post A Personal Ad

How To Post A Personal Ad

A personal advert has become the modern way to market yourself. Post a personal ad that will guarantee success with the assistance of Videojug.

Step 1: You will need

  • Pen and paper
  • a computer
  • a little time

Step 2: Select your site

Have a look on the in newspapers and on the internet at the array of dating sites out there. Think about the type of person you want to meet and where best to advertise yourself. If you are looking to maximize on replies, and don't mind travelling try a nationwide paper or one of the larger internet site. Try a local paper if you don't want to go far from home. If you have a specific hobby which you wish your partner to share than try a specialist publication.

Step 3: Browse

Check out the personals already on your chosen site. What grabs your attention and what doesn't interest you. What do you think works? Is there a format you have to stick to? Pick up all the pointers you can.

Step 4: Create and honest profile

Many online dating sites ask you to fill out a profile, including some pretty personal information. Be honest. If you are 6 foot 3, have blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, never exercise, love Dolly Parton, hate puppies and definitely want children then say so.

Step 5: What are you looking for

Have a good think about the type of person you want to attract. Do you have a specific age range, what qualities are you looking for? Are you looking for friendship, love or just sex? Make a list of your objectives, this will help focus your ad. There's no point putting that your looking for deep romance with someone under 50, when really you want some fun with a brunette in their 20's who doesn't mind tattoos

Step 6: Stand out from the crowd

You may want the same as half the rest of personals but find a unique way to say it. Avoid clich├ęs along the lines of 'Likes long walks and candlelit dinners'. Instead try "looking for a fellow mischief maker for epic adventures and sharing enticing bush tucker". Be bold, cheeky and confident. Make yourself sound fun to be around and the replies will come thick and fast

Step 7: Don't be a pessimist

Focus on your positive points and don't dwell in the negative. Stating that you are writing the ad because you have just come out of a messy break up, and are having trouble getting over it, will not create the right impression.

Step 8: Review

Once it is written take a short break. Going back to your ad with fresh eyes will give a new perspective. Read it through several times, tweaking where necessary.

Step 9: Include a picture

It's true what they say. It really does paint a thousand words. It also shows that you are sincere in your quest, multiplying the number of responses by a whopping 5 - 10 times. Make sure the picture is really of you and recent one to prevent disappointment later on.

Step 10: Place the ad

When you are happy with your work. Submit the ad, and sit back as the offers come rolling in