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How To Practice Badminton Drills

How To Practice Badminton Drills

How To Practice badminton Drills: Badminton is a sport played with a racquet by either two players (singles) or two pairs (doubles). This video is a basic tutorial for beginner shots and techniques commonly used by profession players to hone accuracy and stamina.

Hi, my name is John Webb. I have been a badminton coach for over fifteen years and I'm going to show you some tips on how to play badminton. I'm going to talk you through some badminton drills which are often played when you have a really good ground around the basic shots.

These are badminton drills where you can hone your shot and your shot production, increase your stamina and also the consistency of your shots, which is really important when you are playing a really good singles game. There are quite a few drills you can play and I'm just going to talk you through a couple that will be really good to improve your techniques. The first one, and a lot of top players use this, is the "drive" or the "tap rally".

To play these drills, you will need two players to play, with one on either side of the net. The first "rally" or first "drill" is the "forehand drive" or "tap". You will both won't to be in the middle of the court, knees bent, racquet up and you will be firing the shots low.

Just really low. Not much further than this over that and really fast. You see, you are in the middle of the court, knees bent and you are just going to tap it.

You can do it backhand and forehand and backhand. You are going to want to be really quick and really low firing the shot back and forth getting your reflex going and changing the grips. It's a really good drill and a lot of the top players use this to just to warm up.

Another drill, the second of three drills I want to talk to you about is a drill involving the forehand "overhead clear" and the "drop". So the first person, from the front, would serve an underhand "high" serve right to the back boundary line. The second player will play a forehand "overhead clear" right to the back.

Then the other player would play an "overhead drop" shot right to the front line and then the other player plays an "underarm lift". So the basic drill is: lift, clear, drop shot and then lift again. It becomes a continuous rally of lift, clear, drop and you can do that with different degrees of accuracy at the front just to make it more competitive.

That will really improve your stamina and shot production. The third drill I want to talk to you about starts with an "underarm lift". The other player would play a "smash", then you play a "block" to the net and then the other player would lift again.

So it would be a lift, smash, block and then lift again. And like the other drills, it's a continuous rally until one person plays a winner or an error. All these drills really can hone in your shots and improve your accuracy. .