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How To Prank Wrap A Gift

How To Prank Wrap A Gift

Frequently, I choose evil and devious ways to wrap gifts. It's a prank, but at least the gift I give them is worth the effort. Think if it as "creative gift wrapping through applied chemistry!" Make sure your intended "victim" has a decent sense of humor, and is not prone to extreme violence.

Step 1: Welcome to slightly mad science:

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Slightly-Mad Science. Now here we are in the middle of yet another gift-giving season and you might be asking yourself, "What can I do to make my present for my special one or loved one be so unique, so special that they'll never forget how much I care?". Well, we're not going to talk about that. We're going to talk about wrapping a gift in such an evil and devious manner that they won't forget it, but it won't be because they think you care. Please note, don't do this for people that are very environmentally conscious because this is not a very green way of doing things, two, have any ready access to any sharp instruments nearby, or own a firearm and are likely to use it, because this may annoy them enough that they might perforate you with it, and that would suck. So, we're going to go on with what we have to prepare for this.

Step 2: What is spray foam:

First thing, and most important, spray foam. Now Spray foam is, I love the hardware store, anyway, spray foam is something that when it leaves the can and is exposed to air it expands, hardens, and also is adhesive. So if you use it to fill, like let's say a gap in the wall, or something like that, it will expand to fit the space you have in the wall and also stick to the wall and so it's structurally sound. Great Stuff. Not really meant for wrapping presents, I do it anyway. So you have your spray foam, you have a box, you have a gift, you have rubber gloves. Why? Because when you work with this stuff it gets on your skin or on your hands you got to wait for it to kind of wear off, which is kind of a mess, so I highly recommend the gloves. And then something to safely wrap the gift in. In this case a recycled grocery bag, because this stuff really is adhesive you don't want to really ruin the present by having it completely encased in spray foam and well then find out that spray foam is in your present where you can't actually get the present out. Oh, and try to make the present something really nice, because after they go through half an hour or 10, 15 minutes to get at the present, it better not suck.

Step 3: Fill with 1/3 spray foam:

So what we're going to do first is take our spray foam. We have to shake it up first. You can always pretend you're choking someone. That actually makes it easier to throttle. Take that and inject spray foam into the box, like so. Now you can't see what I'm doing here but I'm coating the bottom of the box with spray foam. Yeah, Yeah I know you guys are now saying "Oh, hey Mr. Scientist Guy, you just told us to wear rubber gloves while we were doing this stuff with spray foam and you weren't wearing yours.". Well, two things. One, I had actually done that in multiple takes, and the last one I liked the take, I forgot to put on the rubber gloves. But Secondly, strange things happen if I put these on. Yes, I think it's about time we got to know each other a little better. So that I have a nice base for whatever the gift is in. Because ideally you want to have the present in the centre of the box so that no matter which way they open it they still got to work for it. Well, I already have one box pretty much prepared. So that one did actually have a chance to dry. This one I'm just going to chuck in here, and then pack it in the rest of the way.

Step 4: Foam Peanuts:

Now if you're feeling generous you can take a portion of the size of the box and fill it up with foam peanuts. This makes the gift easier to obtain because, well foam peanuts aren't exactly strong. And you also don't have to use quite as much spray foam. So go ahead if you're feeling nice, fill that guy up. And then, make sure you get the spray foam in between the peanuts so you don't have a layer of foam, a layer of peanuts, a layer of foam. You want to have the foam nicely mixed up inside the peanuts, so it