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How To Prepare For Spaying Your Dog

How To Prepare For Spaying Your Dog

Spaying your dog can be very concerning for some dog owners. What exactly will the procedure do and how long will it take? How may I prepare for it? Veterinarian Jamie Crittall answers these questions and more.

Hi, I'm Jamie Crittall from Beech House Veterinary Center in Surrey and I'm here to talk to you about dog breeding. How to prepare for spaying your dog, of course, you don't spay a dog, you spay a bitch. The most important thing is to make sure that she's fit and healthy and that comes down to feeding her the right diet because one of the things that can happen is she can put a bit of weight on.

This can be easily offset by reducing the amount that you feed her beforehand and being prepared to feed her a diet that's designed specifically for neutered dogs. You need to get in touch with your vet to arrange a date for the surgery. Now, most vets will want to examine your bitch beforehand to make sure she's fit and healthy for the procedure because she has a full general anesthetic and what is major surgery.

The vet will cut down into her tummy and remove both the ovaries and the uterus. So, it's major surgery. If a person was to have this, it really knocks them for six but amazingly with modern anesthetics and good veterinary care, bitches bounce back fantastically.

This is one thing that is very important, you mustn't let her over-exercise because she's got to heal. Having the appointment with the vet will run through all of this and it will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions and have any concerns you might have answered so that you feel happy and confident and it's what you want to happen. The best time to have your bitch spayed is at five or six months of age or eight to ten weeks after her first season.

This gives her the most benefits with regard to reducing the opportunity or the chance that she'll end up getting mammary cancer later on in life. The vet will tell you that your bitch needs to be starved before the operation. I always tell my clients that the best time to take the food away is at nine o'clock the previous night.

They can still have water overnight and then we admit them into the hospital and run through some questions and make sure that she's still fit and healthy and again, it's a perfect opportunity for you to have any questions answered. Make sure you give your contact details because they'll want to contact you when the procedure has gone and as a result, assure you that everything has happened. Similarly if something isn't going quite right, they want to be able to contact you to let you know and to find out what you want to happen. .