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How To Prepare Guinea Pig Bedding

How To Prepare Guinea Pig Bedding

Bedding materials for your guinea pigs and how to prepare them are shown in this video.

Hi. My name's Marie. I'm the deputy manager of the Small Animal Department of Wood Green Animal Shelters in Cambridge here.

I'm going to advise you how to care for guinea pigs. On the base of your accommodation, whether it be an indoor cage or a hutch, you should lay a good quality amount of newspaper. This should be nice and thick so it will absorb any urine that goes through.

You should then use a really good quality hay and it should be green, sweet, and smell really fresh. Hay that's gone really brown and yellow can often contain parasites and be quite moldy as well and these can all affect your guinea pigs. So, make sure you are being fussy when you are choosing your different types of hay.

If your guinea pig's old or is a young pig or maybe observing it for any health issues, it's a really good idea to bed them down onto some towels. You could line half of your accommodation with towels and the other half of hay. Hay does make up around 80% in their diet so it's really important that it does make up the base of your guinea pig's bedding.

If your guinea pigs are inside, you may want to mainly use towels and then place hay into hay racks, paper bags and then plant pots. But whatever, always line the base with some newspaper and then put bedding on top. Never use wood shavings or straw for guinea pigs.

They're really bad for skin issues and often cause allergies in the family and in the guinea pigs such as asthma. Wood shavings can often contain parasites and these can lead on skin issues with your guinea pigs. Straw has no nutritional value for guinea pigs and it's also quite coarse and sharp so it can often, when your guinea pig's snuggling into it, it can often scratch their skin or even cause them an eye injury.

So, do avoid both these products for your guinea pigs. As I mentioned, the best products for bedding your guinea pigs on is good quality hay, newspaper on the base and you can give them a nice bit of comfy towel for them to snuggle into as well. So that's how to prepare guinea pig bedding.