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How To Prepare Rabbit Bedding

How To Prepare Rabbit Bedding

An expert in the care of small animals explains what makes the best rabbit bedding, and also what you should avoid using, and why.

Hi. My name's Marie, and I'm the deputy manager of the small animal department at Wood Green Animal Shelters, and today I'm going to show you how to choose suitable rabbit bedding. When you're choosing bedding for your rabbits, it's a good idea to make sure that you can provide them with a variation.

Rabbits love to be eating lots of hay, so it's not only something for them to sleep on, it is also something for them to feed on. Rabbits need around 80% hay in their diet, so it should be everywhere and inside their hutch. First of all, when you want to line your hutch, use newspaper.

That will just line it. A nice thick layer of it will keep it so they can absorb any of the urine. Secondly, then lay down lots of good quality hay.

But add mixtures of different types. So you can use products such as Ready-grass, and different types of meadow hay and Timothy hay. Fill it up and make sure it's all over the place, so they can really rummage through there.

And this will keep them warm through the winter months, but it will also make sure that they are eating the correct diet as well. Products such as wood shavings and wood chips are really not good for your rabbits to be bedded onto. They can be absorbent, but however, they're really bad for allergies in your rabbits and in your family.

They also nearly always contain parasites such as the rabbit fur mites, so it's a really good idea that you don't use wood shavings. The other product is straw. Very common that most people do use straw in their hutches.

It's a very old traditional thing to use. It doesn't provide them with any nutritional thing for them, and it also can be really quite coarse and sharp and can often cause eye injuries and scratches along their sides. So it's a really good idea if you don't use straw.

Just stick to good quality hay. In your hutch, you could use things such as litter trays for them, and these can be placed in there, so you can use different types of hay to be popping inside the hutch, and again, they'll be able to choose which corner they want to go to. It's important to remember that the hutch is not their cage.

It's not where they're going to be living. It's simply an area where they're going to rest, maybe go to feed on some extra types of hay, and also maybe to use a litter tray for their corner. It's not their home where they're going to be confined.

So you want to just add all the different hay in there, and they can hop in and out of there for them. As I said, the best products are plain newspaper on the base and lots and lots of good quality hay and Ready-grass. .