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How To Prevent Arthritis

How To Prevent Arthritis

Arthritis is really painful. Learn the symptoms, how to prevent, treat and what you can do in general if ever you have arthritis.

Now this video is for those people who want to prevent arthritis and believe me when I say that for arthritis prevention is really better than trying to treat the disabling pain that can come with severe arthritis. So my number one tip for anyone watching this is to make sure you maintain a healthy weight, being obese or overweight puts tremendous amounts of stress on your joints, so if you know that you are carrying a few extra pounds then it is worth losing it now while your joints are able to benefit. The other thing that you would want to do to improve your joints and make sure you prevent arthritis is have a healthy diet.

Now if you can hydrate your joints by drinking plenty of water and if you can have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and omega 3 oils in your diet from oily fish and avocados and things like this, lots of unprocessed healthy foods, this is going to be great on your joints. Now a lot of people take supplements to help their joints, things like glucosamine or capsules and things like that. now, although there is no definite evidence that these tablets work, a lot of people do say that they help though I would say to you that if you do want to try them it is worth taking them in higher doses regularly rather than taking a tablet here or there when you remember.

What about physical activity? Well exercise is generally really good for your joints because it helps improve the blood supply to the bone, and the ligaments, and the muscles, and it also keeps you toned and supple. However if you over exercise and you have any areas of specific injury or if you are an athlete and you're doing things that give you specific joint pain after you exercise you do need to be careful because these things actually precipitate arthritis later in life. A sedentary lifestyle is also really bad for your joints because it does reduce muscle bulk and it does reduce the bone density and if you're doing that you're reducing the blood supply to your joints.

So I would say as a good healthy medium it is worth getting a moderate amount of exercise, maybe about 20 to 30 minutes a day and this if going to be hopefully the right balance between not stressing your joints too much and not being sedentary. Some people say that yoga and Pilates are particularly good, both in terms of increasing your flexibility and your suppleness but also some say reducing the pain associated with arthritis. So if you want to try that it is worth doing.

If your job involves a lot of things like squatting or a lot of kneeling, you might want to look at alternating those tasks or trying to make sure you get up and walk about in between because prolonged squatting and kneeling has also been associated with more arthritis at the joints. So I hope that these tips have been useful for you and that you have a long healthy and mobile life.