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How To Print CD Jewel Case Inserts From ITunes

How To Print CD Jewel Case Inserts From ITunes

If you want to print a CD label for your jewel cases, follow these simple steps to learn how to print cd case inserts from iTunes. A quick and easy process that brings some glamour to your music.

Step 1: You Will Need


Step 2: Launch iTunes

Click on the iTunes icon in your dock to launch the program

Step 3: Select A Playlist

On the left side of your iTunes page, you will see your playlists. Select a playlist for which you'd like to print a CD insert, and click on it.

Step 4: Print Your Insert

Go up to the top of the iTunes screen and, under File, scroll down and click on Print.
When the dialog box opens, use the drop-down menu to choose a theme and, when you're ready, hit Print. That's all there is to it!