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How To Protect Chickens From Foxes

How To Protect Chickens From Foxes

If you own chickens and are concerned about foxes this video offers practical ways to protect them from this predator.

I'm going to talk to you about keeping chickens. I'm going to talk to you about foxes because these days they are a big problem especially in the inner city areas, as well as, the rural areas. In fact the towns now have far more foxes especially during the day than we do in the country.

It is important that you if you think you have a problem you have a system perhaps with close wire meshing here. Something like this and it's tightly pinned onto the wood so that you know that your chickens are safe. You also want to inspect around your hut everyday to make sure that over night they haven't begun to burrow and started to make a hole.

The chances of them getting in a up underneath the run all in one night are fairly remote, but it is something that you need to inspect everyday. Another method of keeping chickens is with a run extended like this. 2 moveable bits and you can move to fresh areas of ground, but it is fox proof.

Has a good close mesh on it and very tight. Again, inspect it everyday and do make sure. I mean, they could jump out of here the chickens and be free ranging, but also you can keep them in, but just make sure if you're out and not around the garden with your chickens make sure this is on tight so it is fox proof.

And put the tops on like that, but again just make sure that they haven't started to burrow underneath the run. The other option, of course, is having a hut like this on over here where they are and you're able to give them a bigger free area. Perhaps you have more land available for your chickens.

And around here you would put electric fencing. You might put 30 to 40 meters and that gives them a nice big area, but it does mean that the fox is not going to get at them. You know they're quite safe.

And that's how to protect chickens from foxes.