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How To Prune Lavender

How To Prune Lavender

Pruning lavender is essential to keeping your plant healthy and this video will give you some tips on how to keep your lavender plant thriving.

Today, I'm going to show you how to prune lavender. Lavender is a useful drought tolerant shrub that flowers from mid to late summer, and bees love it. Lavender should be pruned twice per year, in the late summer and during the early spring.

In late summer, when the flowers are just about faded, you trace back the flower stalks to the new shoots and trim them off with a pair of shears. There we go, I've done the summer pruning by pruning them back to the new shoots. Pruning back the flowers, the spent flower shoots to the new shoots.

In early spring, we cut back the lavender a bit harder, a bit farther down the stem but we must always make sure that there are new shoots showing where we cut. On this particular stem, the growth begins to stop here so we cut back leaving visible shoots. Whenever you are pruning lavender, always make sure that you leave some live shoots visible.

There, I've cut just above some live shoots; if you cut too low down into the center of the plant, there is a risk that you might kill it without leaving it any nice new shoots viable. .