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How To Prune Raspberry Bushes

How To Prune Raspberry Bushes

To prune raspberry canes, make sure they have finished fruiting before you cut them out and always remember to cut them above the bud.

Today, I'm going to show you how to prune raspberry canes. I've got some raspberry canes here. Now, the most important thing with raspberry canes is you need to be able to identify the new shoots that will flower next year and the shoots that have just finished flowering.

If you have a look here, these are old shoots and you can see the bent flowers on them and the bent fruits, so these are old. And this shoot here looks much fresher and greener, this one will fruit next year. So, the aim of pruning raspberries is to cut out the shoots that have just finished fruiting.

So, identify the shoots that need to be cut out and cut it right down at the base, ideally above a new bud. So, here is the bud, just protruding out at the side of the stem, just cut above it like that. So, to conclude, you can't go wrong if you just leave the pruning of the raspberries until they finish fruiting.

That's the most important thing. And that's how you prune raspberry canes. .