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How To Prune Wisteria

How To Prune Wisteria

Pruning wisteria twice a year can bring out the flower's natural beauty for all to behold. Linsey Evans illustrates how, step-by-step, in this simple, clear video.

People get very worried about pruning wisteria. Nothing bad will happen if you don't prune your wisteria at all. Well, actually, it will get extremely large and all the flowers will be at the top of the plant where you can't see them.

But, what I mean is it won't actually die. The way that you prune a wisteria is in two phases. Just after it has flowered, you can reduce all the shoots to about four buds, like this, so just shorten some of the longer pieces.

Also, take off some of these long whippy pieces of growth. What you are trying to do is encourage the plant to produce more flowers and not all this long, leggy, green growth. If the plant just continues to grow unchecked, you will get less flowers and what you're looking for is these beautiful, long blue and white wreathings of flowers.

That's why people grow wisteria. So, that is the first phase of pruning, to take off some of the longer branches down to about four buds and take off the long whippy leafy new growth. This second phase of pruning is in January or February, where you take back the branches of Wisteria that you reduced to four buds down to about two buds.

This second phase of pruning simply means that the flowers will be visible and not obscured by excess leaf growth. And that's really all there is to it. It's really difficult to kill a wisteria, but with careful pruning, you can improve it and keep it nice and tight to its supports where you will be able to see all the flowers. .