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How To Prune Wisteria In Winter

How To Prune Wisteria In Winter

Stella Fear from Holland Park in London shows you how to prune wisteria in the winter months. Wisteria is a climber that needs regular pruning to encourage new growth and keep the plant to a manageable size.

Step 1: You will need

  • Clean, sharp secateurs
  • A ladder
  • A wheelbarrow or garden trug

Step 2: Cut back

Cut back side shoots and new growth to within 2 or 3 buds of old growth. You can distinguish old growth from new growth because it looks darker and more textured. Angle each cut so rain can drain off the stem rather than sitting on top and rotting the plant.

Step 3: Collect cuttings

Put all the cuttings in a garden trug or wheelbarrow and put them on the compost heap if you have one.