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How To Pull A Mane

How To Pull A Mane

We show you how make your horse's mane more neater and more manageable by pulling it using a traditional or humane method. Learn the basics in pulling a mane.

Step 1: The benefits

As pulling the mane helps to shorten and thin the hair out, it is therefore easier to manage and maintain. It will give your horse a generally neater appearance.

Step 2: You will need….

  • 1 Pulling comb
  • 1 Humane pulling comb
  • 1 Bucket of water
  • 1 Water brush

Step 3: Some advice before pulling

Firstly, tie your horse up. And then give him a hay net, to keep him occupied. Only pull the mane after exercise when his skin is warmer and the pores are more open. The hairs will come out a lot easier. But if your horse has a long mane, pull it gradually, over a two week period, so the horse does not become sore.

Step 4: To traditionally pull the mane

Tie your horse up. And give him a hay net to keep him occupied. Begin by combing the mane through with the mane comb. Start from the bottom of the mane, at the horses withers, as they tend to be less sensitive here. Slowly work your way up. Then with one hand, take a small section of mane.

And with the other, holding the mane comb, begin to back comb that section, upwards, two or three times. Hold on to a few strands of the longer hairs. Twist the remaining hair around the mane comb, roughly one and a half times. Pull down quickly and sharply, to pull the hairs out. Repeat all the way up the mane.

Step 5: To humanely pull the mane

The process is the same. But after back combing the mane, don't pull the longer strands, cut them by pressing the button on the pulling comb. The approximate length of the mane after pulling should be 8-10 centimetres.

Step 6: Finishing off

If you find your horses mane sticks up, dampen the water brush in the bucket of water. And brush the mane down, as part of the grooming process.