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How To Punch Properly

How To Punch Properly

This video demonstrates some basic boxing techniques, the 1-2 combination and the upper cut, using boxing gloves and focus pads for safety.

In this video, I'm going to talk to you about how to punch properly. Now, before we actually punch anything, it's good to be safe. I always recommend boxing gloves - these are 12 ounce gloves which is what you use in professional fights, the heavier, the bigger the gloves, the less you're going to get hurt.

So, put gloves on or at least put some sort of bandages around your fists and wrists to make you safer. Now, there are various ways of learning to punch properly, you can use bags, you can do shadow boxing in front of a mirror or you can use focus pads which we're going to do now. Focus pads, you have a friend who's holding pads up and you are going to be holding gloves and basically, it just replicates punching without the dangers of getting knocked out.

I'll start out, I'm going to show you how to do a 1-2 combination which is a fundamental boxing combination handled properly. Now, when you box, you want to twist your body. Let me show you.

I don't do this, looks a bit rubbish. Yes, I'm still hitting but yet no power, you have to rotate your body. Another thing to note, whenever I'm punching, have a look at my other hand, always come up to protect my face, it's a good habit.

Next punch I'm going to show you is the upper cut. I'm going to upper cut on the right. This is how most people do it which is wrong.

This is bad because I'm leaving my face open. Basically, I could get knocked out very easily. I always want to keep my hands protected to my jaw.

I drop down and then I extend, see, there's less time there where my face is open so there's a less risk of me getting injured. So, to recap, to punch properly, use your hips a lot, I'd recommend using focus pads, get big gloves and play around, have fun with it, it's a really good sport and those are my tips on how to punch properly.