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How To Put Clip Hair Extensions In Short Hair

How To Put Clip Hair Extensions In Short Hair

Clip-in hair extensions are easy to apply on short hair and you can create a variety of looks. In this short video, you can learn the simple steps to applying hair extensions correctly.

I am going to show you how to apply hair extensions to short hair. Well, unfortunately, quite a lot of us have shorter hair than we would like to, and hair extensions come very handy. The best, probably the shortest length I would recommend feeding hair extensions, in the first place, would be shoulder length.

That's a perfect base. We have to section the hair. Start sectioning from the bottom.

Not too low, I would recommend from the middle of the ear. From the middle ear to the middle of the ear, we'll make nice clean sections, just like that. Make sure the section is quite neat.

We don't have any crossed hairs, because we will start back-combing afterwards. And we don't want to have any pain afterwards when extensions are clipped. Just clip the top section up like that, checking if it is even.

You don't have to be exactly precise, but it's better if it is a nice neat section. You will need a tail-comb or any teasing comb to start back-combing this area where the clips will go. Normally, you have to match the color of the clip-in extensions to the color of the hair.

And just a little tip for you, we normally match extensions, any extensions, particularly clip-ins to the ends of the hair. If you have a few different colors on the ends, you can go for a few different shades of clip-in extensions, and start from the dark going lighter, because normally everyone has lighter hair on the top. So, we'll fit it right in the middle where the clips will be.

That's this area, and this area here. We'll start back-combing. If it's a massive night out ahead, then it has to be pretty solid, they have to stay in well.

So make sure you back-comb it well. We're basically creating little nests for clips, so the clips can stay better. We'll definitely have to use a tiny bit of hairspray on these areas.

Please make sure you let it dry before you clip the panels, the clip-in extensions in. Just measure it - perfect. It's a very simple attachment here.

Basically, to open the clips, you just press on the sides, and you open it, and that's what you do when you take them out, or when put them in. So, make sure the clips are open on both sides. We'll start from the left hand side or the right hand side, it doesn't really matter.

So, you go right at the scalp. In the area, the back-combed area and you press on the sides until you hear the clicking noise, so you clip it securely, then you hold the end of the clip-in and you stretch the clip-in extension and apply it into the second area where we previously backcombed and fixed it. It's now staying pretty securely and you can go to the next stage and apply the second clip-in hair extension panel just above, depending on how thick you want your hair to be.

If you would like it just for volume and a bit of length, you could always apply a couple of lines, a couple of rows. If it's quite a lot and you want really big hair and very thick and very long look, you basically apply as many as you can, and style it on the look you would like to achieve. And that is how to apply clip-in extensions to short hair. .