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How To Put Fishing Line On A Reel

How To Put Fishing Line On A Reel

In this video, fly fishing instructor Gavin Hodgson instructs the novice fisherman on how to put fishing line on the reel using the Arbor Knot. Gavin demonstrates the proper way to tie this simple knot as well as how to roll up the fishing line properly.

Hi! I'm Gavin Hodgson, fly fishing instructor and manager of Grangers Fishing Tackle, here in South Kensington, London. We are going to talk you through some of the techniques and tips and how to get started in fishing. We've got a conventional outfit, a fixed spool outfit, nice little telescopic, and we want now to attach our nylon to it.

There are many different knots we could use but the arbor knot I find is the easy one to remember. We create an overhand knot. That's our stopper knot.

Then we go over the main line and we create a knot around that main line. We are passing it back through itself, and, showing the configuration, there we are, it's simply an overhand knot around the main line. Now when we tighten that up, and we pull, that gets closer to the spool, and the stopper knot slides to the spool until it hits.

That's it. That's that knot tied. Very simple, quite a quick knot to tie, and then once we've got that tied, we simply snip the tag away and we are ready to flip the bail arm over and wind.

Now, when it comes to winding these things, different models have different characteristics, but in general, the way these are loaded onto a spool from the machine, they will come off one way with a twist, or the other way without a twist. Its trial and error, you just need to try. So if I put that on the floor and I wind it straight up from the spool and then stop and have a look, that's pretty good.

We've got a little curve to it but no twisting, so we can carry on winding and load the reel to its full capacity, which should be right at the edge of the spool. So there we go, break it up, flush with the edge of the spool, perfect for casting. Job done. .