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How To Put Fondant On A Square Cake

How To Put Fondant On A Square Cake

This VideoJug film shows you how to cover a square shaped cake with fondant icing.


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  • 500 g fondant, for a 6-inch cake


Knead the fondant to remove any creases and cracks and then mould into a rough square shape. One 6-inch cake needs about 500g of fondant, but it is always best to use a little extra.

Dust a board with some icing sugar and roll out with a rolling pin, turning all the time so the fondant doesn't stick to the board. Keep the fondant square around a quarter of an inch thick.

Take rolling pin the middle of the square and flip the fondant in half over the pin, then on to the cake. Smooth the fondant down on the sides and corners as soon as possible to prevent tearing.

Cut away any excess and place in an airtight bag to prevent drying. Finally, smooth the top and sides with a cake smoother to get rid of any marks and bumps.