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How To Put Icing On A Cake

How To Put Icing On A Cake

This video talks about how to put icing on a cake

Hi! My name is Xanthe Milton, I'm also known as cookie girl and today I'm going to show you how to ice a cake. Ok, so here I've got some cupcakes they're a classic vanilla sponge recipe and I've got my frosting in a bag, it's a disposable piping bag. You can just use a regular white fabric bag and I'm just going to put a twist in top of the bag.

This is to stop the icing coming out towards my hands and ensures that it goes straight down towards the nozzle. I'm holding the nozzle vertical to the cupcake and I'm going to start piping, moving slowly in a circular motion round the cupcake until I get to where I started and now I'm following the line I've already piped to bring me around again in a circular motion until I get to where I started and then I'm going to sharply push down and pull up to finish. So I've got my cupcake here and it's just a classic vanilla sponge recipe.

Now I've got my frostings, I'm going to work with two different nozzles today, so I've got an 846 which is this kind of nozzle and I'm going to start with this one. I'm putting a twist in the top of the bag to stop the icing going out and all over my hands and then I'm just hovering the nozzle above the cupcake vertically and I'm squeezing and allowing a little icing to come out and then pushing down and pulling up to finish. Now I'm going to do that with my second nozzle, this is a different shape nozzle this is an 866, I'm doing exactly the same thing, pushing down and pulling up, and there we have it. .