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How To Put In Hair Extensions

How To Put In Hair Extensions

A how-to video on how to put on clip-in hair extensions by Tatiana Karelina. It is a quick and easy way to find a new look.

Hi, I would like to show you today how to put in a hair extension. The most popular ones in which you can do yourself would be clip-in hair extensions. You will need just a few things, a comb, a clip, and maybe hairspray if you really want it to stay for the night out or for some event.

Depending on how high you would like to go and what colors you would like to use, so we'll start with the fringe and we will put a slightly dark panel to give us a bit of contrast and just to make it a bit more interesting. So, we will section a nice clean line here and it has to be relatively straight in order to fit the extension in a nice, neat way. Each clip-in hair extension has got this clip here so you have to open it before putting it in, and we'll start combing back the section where the clip will go just slightly high here.

So, we back comb it a little bit and we could use here a touch of hairspray; it's entirely up to you if you want this section to be a really good base and platform for clip-in hair extension so you can put just a little bit of hairspray just on this area or you could just leave it at that. And now, we are clipping it open, just a little bit lower, perfect! Just wait until the clicking sound and that means that the panel is closed and your clip-in hair extension is staying nice and comfortable and solid there. Just lay it down, shake again and always check that you don't go too high up.

You don't want to be too cautious of the clip-in hair extension being noticeable and bulky, so just make sure it's nicely there and you can't really see any edge sticking out. This is perfect here. It gives us a nice color as well.

This color shade is quite nice for a night out, and that is how to put in hair extension. .