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How To Put Lights On A Christmas Tree

How To Put Lights On A Christmas Tree

As Christmas is fast approaching, you would be looking for professional help to light up your Christmas tree. But if you are one of those do-it-yourself types, then you can make use of the tips and tricks given in this video to light up your tree. Happy decorating!

Hi, my name is Alexadra Lyons. I am a master florist and I create flower displays for celebrity homes, events, weddings and special occasions. I am going to share some tips with you on flower arranging.

I am going to show you how to put lights on a Christmas tree. We've got here a shade serona. This is an artificial Christmas tree, and some tips for purchasing your tree, try and get with the thickest branches so you can't see through it.

This is going to ensure your decorations look good and the lights sit properly. When you are purchasing your lights, make sure you can get as many lights as possible. Rather than getting things with cherries or crystals, just go for maximum lights on the tree.

You start at the base, where the lights start, and you wind around. This applies to fresh trees as well, you wind around each stem and then back down it. And then the next one, for every single branch is covered in lights, this can be quite a laborious process.

But ensure even coverage and you're only to use quite as many decorations because your tree is completely lit and colorful. See, after putting the tree's lights, it's slightly easier because they turn around. You notice some putting the lights on with them on.

I wouldn't suggest you do that at home. In this condition, it just shows you where they are. There is the bottom layer just about completed.

Go up to the next layer, you need to do that by winding around the stem of the tree. That's quite important on a fresh tree. Wind around the stem come up through to the next branch, just start again.

There, this way, you wouldn't be seeing too many wires in between the branches. I went down to the base of the tree before I go up to the next branches. So, for a tree this size, I suggest you use a couple of hundred lights, a string of couple of hundred.

A large tree, four five hundred lights, it's much better than just many lights on the tree than it is on the decoration. I've been working in the Christmas industry for about eighteen years in five Christmas shops and I think I have decorated all Christmas trees and I don't put anything out in the past. That's just one set done, and I go for another set on them.

Wind this quite a bit up the stem and they will be effectively set on. Just finishing with the second set of lights, make sure that you run up and down each stem, going to hide all these decorations anyway. And this is how you put lights on a Christmas tree. .