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How To Put Movies On Iphone

How To Put Movies On Iphone

In this video, tech wizard Malcolm Graham will show you how to put movies onto your iPhone, either by converting and syncing, or by buying them on iTunes.

To load movies on your iPhone, you'll first need your videos or movies to be formatted in one of the following formats: m4v, mp4 or mov. If your video or movie is not in one of these formats, search for video converting software on Google. There are quite a few free options that will do the job.

Once you have the proper files, you need to load them onto iTunes. To do this, start iTunes and drag the file onto it. If you go to the movies tab, you should see your file there.

To load the movie onto your iPhone, plug it in and wait for iTunes to recognize it. Click on the iPhone when it appears under the devices tab. On this page, look for the tab called films and click on it.

Select 'sync films'. Select the video you want to load onto your iPhone and click sync. Once sync is complete, go to the iPod function on your iPhone.

You can buy your films from the iTunes store. I've loaded the iTunes store here behind me, you can see you have lots of different options, lots of different genres of film, and you've also got the ability to search for keywords if you're looking for something in particular. Once you've made your selection, you press the buy button, and this will allow you to enter your Apple ID, which will then bill your banking account through DirectDebit.

So once your film has been downloaded from the iTunes store, again, click sync films and this will send the films through to your mobile device. And that's how you put movies on an iPhone. .