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How To Put Music On Iphone

How To Put Music On Iphone

Malcolm Graham (CEO of Limetree) quickly takes you through the process of adding your favorite songs onto iPhone from your computer. And at the end, he will demonstrate how to get the latest tracks by Beyonce (or any other artist you might think of) from the internet onto your iPhone by using iTunes. Enjoy!

You can see iTunes is loaded on the screen behind me. So, you will see your existing music collection and you can also search for other music that you are interested in, using the search box on the top right. Obviously, you put the keywords that you are most interested in, into this search box.

Or you can always drag files from your computer onto iTunes. Once the files are on iTunes, plug in your iPhone and wait for iTunes to recognise it. Select your iPhone from the devices list and click on the "Music" tab.

Select "Sync Music". Select the songs you want to load onto your device and then click the "Sync" button. Once the sync is complete, go to the iPod function on your iPhone and listen to the music.

If you are on the go, you can always select some music directly on your phone, using iTunes on your phone. As you can see, you've got search engine on the phone which allows you to find almost any music you might be looking for. So, I am going to look and see if I can find the latest track by Beyonce.

Okay, so there is a large range of Beyonce tracks available, and as on the computer, you just click on the track that you want to buy. You can also listen to the track by pressing the "Play" button, if you are not sure that you want to buy. Once you enter your Apple ID, they will take the money through your bank account and the song will be loaded onto your device forever.

And that's how to put music on iPhone. .