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How To Put Music On Wii

How To Put Music On Wii

The Wii not only lets you store and share your photos in a slideshow format. It also lets you set your slideshow to music! Learn how with these simple steps.

Another interesting feature on the Wii is the ability to listen to music on it. This is part of the photo channel where you can view your pictures. To start it, just select the photo channel option from the Wii menu and click start.

That will load up the photo channel, and give you an option for where you want to view your pictures from. Start the slideshow. Select the change settings option.

Then, down on the bottom here, you can see you can select the music. Click "choose song", and you can choose other music that you've got. Now, the format here is just the same as your iPod.

You need to copy your files from your iPod to an SD card. Put that in the front of the Wii. Now, one common confusion with this is that originally, the Wii used to support MP3 files, whereas now, as you can see, it only supports M4A.

It's quite a simple process to convert those on your computer, but you do need to do that before copying them over to the Wii. The result is the ability to listen to music and watch pictures in a nice slideshow experience on your Wii. And that's how to put music on the Wii. .