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How To Put Music On Xbox 360

How To Put Music On Xbox 360

Here, VideoJug describes one quick way to put your music onto an Xbox 360. There are a few different ways. The one described here is as easy as following instructions on the screen.

I'm going to tell you how to put music on your Xbox 360. Now, there's a couple of reasons for this. First, it's good to listen to music on your 360.

It means it's available where ever you've got it and you can have a nice little visualization on the screen. But also, it means you can use that music in game, so rather than the game soundtrack, you can make use of your own music instead. To get your music on your 360, there are a few different options.

You can stream music if you also have a media server. You can plug in an iPod or a music player by that devices sync cable. Perhaps the easiest option is what I'm going to show you now, is just taking the music off a music CD, copying it to your Xbox 360 hard drive.

So, to do that, just pop the CD in the drive and you'll see it pop up on the home screen. Play CD. So, press that, select A.

The 360 builds a list of the tracks, as you can see, and starts playing the CD. You go down to rip CD. Press A again.

You can choose which of the tracks that you want to be listening to on your 360 and then, just click rip CD again. If you want to, you can add details about the album, artist, and genre of the music. Click save changes and then, the 360 starts copying that music to your hard disk so you can listen to it in game or just from the dashboard without having to have your disk in the drive.

So, to recap, to get the music from the CD to your 360, pop it in the drive. Go to your dashboard. Press A.

Bring up the music screen. Select rip CD. Pick you tracks and then, add any details you like.

Click Rip CD again and there you are. .