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How To Put On Boxing Hand Wraps

How To Put On Boxing Hand Wraps

This straightforward video clearly illustrates the proper technique a boxer should use when wrapping their own hands or another boxers. Step-by-step instructions clearly state how to wrap another boxer's hands and then your own.

Hi, I'm Simon from Box Smart. I'm an amateur boxing association qualified boxing tutor. Today, I'm going to go through some boxing techniques with you.

For more information visit our site at boxingclasses dot net. Now, I'm going to show you how to wrap your own hands and someone else's hands to put inside the gloves. The reason you would wrap your hands is to protect your knuckles, carpals, the bones in your hand here, also, your wrist as well is very important when you are boxing.

So when your hand is inside your glove you have a nice rigid base for your punches to be firm. So now, I am going to show you how to wrap your own hands or wrap one of you boxer's hands. When wrapping a boxer's hand, palm faces downwards, thumb goes through this area here.

First of all, start off by wrapping the wrist two to three times around the wrist. Always get your boxer to spread there fingers out there. Now, you are going to do across over the front of the hand and then back over this way making a cross here coming up underneath the thumb.

By doing this, we pull the thumb joint in downwards to protect it here to stop this movement from happening. Then we come firstly across the knuckles to here, back over using this part of your thumb as a pivot, tuck it up through the little finger first, then again. Again using this as a pivot every time here back around, this is the basis of a good foundation of wrapping.

Now, we are going to come across the knuckles here. Notice how I do the wrapping line of these knuckles here. If at any point you feel that you are wanting to open these fingers up, go ahead and open the fingers up.

Coming around, always trying to keep the wraps nice, neat and tidy, finishing off back at the wrist, with the Velcro done up. Clench your fist. Comfortable? Straighten your hand out.

See how the wrap is nice and straight, there are no big bulges anywhere? Now, do that to both hands. When wrapping your own hands at first, you can become a little bit fiddly, you get better at it when you practice. It is easier to unwrap the hand wraps, first of all.

The thumb goes through the strip, coming around your wrist. Try to come around your wrist two to three times, that is a good start. Pull your fingers out, remember.

Now, we are going to do across your hand there in a cross movement, up around your thumb, underneath, pulling this part of your thumb inwards to protect your thumb. Then we're going to come across your hand again, now using the back of your thumb as a pivot, keeping it nice and taut, not too tight though. Through the small finger first, moving along, try to keep the wraps as neat and tidy as possible, so that when you put your glove on, they don't become uncomfortable.

After you have this part of your hand wrapped, now we're going to come across your knuckles here, so the end of the wrap is in line with the knuckles keeping it as neat as possible, going up and finishing back around your wrist. Tie it up here. Again, the wrap is nice and straight.

Always clench your fist. As long as it feels comfortable, that's how to wrap your own hands. That is the short guide on how to wrap your own hands and a boxer's hands for them. .