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How To Put Your Hair In A Bun

How To Put Your Hair In A Bun

Putting your hair in a bun is among the most elegant ways you can do your hair. Follow this step-by-step video and you can create a hair bun in minutes!

My name is Lauralyn from the Braiding Lodge Academy in London. I'm about to show you how to do you a version of a neat bun. I'm going to begin by applying a bit of hair spray.

Medium strength because you still want to be able to maneuver it. Get it prepared into a ponytail as before. Get it prepared into a ponytail.

And once you put your ponytail in, you can then begin to neaten the knot in the hair with a fine tooth comb. Okay, so you should get the sides fairly neat. And then we're going to begin to maneuver the rest of the hair at the back.

Apply a bit more hair spray if you need to control the hair. Roll it round or wrap it around itself. Continue to roll it.

And add in hairspray wherever you see fit to keep in any extra strands of hair. All the way around. Anyway, what you can begin to do is get another elastic band or pins, and secure the second bun.

You can add a little bit more hairspray at this point, just to keep it secure. And continue to neaten the strands of hair around the bun. A little bit more hairspray, just to secure the final look.

There we have a neat and more formal version of the hair bun. .