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How To Put Your Hair Up With Hair Extensions

How To Put Your Hair Up With Hair Extensions

This video shows another lovely hairstyle that you can do with your hair extensions. You can still pull it up in a ponytail with this tutorial.

Hi, I'd like to tell you how to put your hair up with hair extensions. If you have put a lot of hair extensions in and you like to do different up-dos, you can still do that as long as your hair is not too short; you can still put it up in a ponytail. I'm just pulling it back.

The main thing to bear in mind is to watch for the sides and for the back. Normally, if hair extensions are fitted too close to the hairline in the front or too low, they can show. So, just make sure that if they do show, just comb it or brush it.

The best way is to just use the soft bristled brush for extensions to brush over. And maybe just spray a little bit here, just a little bit with the hairspray to keep the hair covering all the hair extensions. There are different popular styles right now, and one of them is "half up, half down".

When you're sectioning your hair to achieve that style, and if I'm doing it too high, you can see that the hair extensions are showing in the back. So, what we have to do, we just have to take either a little more section of the hair, or just make that half-up slightly more loose so that the top section is covering all of the attachments; none of the micro-rings are showing. So, instead of doing it this way, just lower it a little bit to cover all of the attachments.

That's sort of clever styling. One of the most popular styles this season was the quiff - the fringes were clipped up. It's basically a very popular trend in the summer where if you have the fringe, you don't want the fringe because it's quite hot.

If you have some micro-ring hair extensions in there, just make sure you aren't sectioning right where they are, leave some hair to cover your hair extensions. There are no rules for particular hairstyles that will be suitable only for micro-ring hair extensions. You can use and experiment with all different styles.

The same styles you'd go for without hair extensions. And I would say that hair extensions will give you a lot more freedom because it allows you to put your hair up and have nice long ponytails, or nice thick buns. All these hair-ups look a lot better and more glamorous with a lot more hair in.

So, just make sure, stick to this rule, check your head before you go out from all different sides. Take a mirror and have a look at your head in the back and on the sides. Make sure that when you put your hair up, your extensions are not showing from any side. .