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How To Race A Dirt Bike

How To Race A Dirt Bike

The video states the procedure of how to race a dirt bike and all the instructions on how to join a motorcycle club and start racing.

Okay, how to race a dirt bike. Once you have learnt how to ride and you are feeling good and you know you can get yourself around various practice tracks and all the necessary cornering and riding and jumps, the next step is to progress in racing. Now, to race a dirt bike, obviously, you need to have a competitive spirit, you need to be at to go fairly quick.

But it does not necessarily mean you need to be the quickest person out there. Racing is fantastic fun, can be very dangerous. So you will need to have all the protective clothing.

Now, most of the organizations out there that race won't let you ride without protective clothing. You will need a helmet. You will need boots, you'll need a proper riding kit and protect body belts and padding.

Once you've found a motorcycle club that you want to join, I'm a member of North Hampton Motorcyclers Club, they are affiliated with an organisation called ACU. You need a license if you haven't got a license, you can actually buy a day license. You'll need to buy an entry fee to the club, to go into that race meeting.

This would cover all sorts of things such as insurances, hire of the track, hire of the medical assistance, hire of the toilets and the necessary facilities, to get you there to do the race. The race will consist of a start where 20 to 40 riders would line up all in a long straight line behind the center of the start, right on the metal start, right on the floor, all in an elastic gate that flicks to the side. It will come in start as ordered and off you go.

Race generally has a duration of about 20 minutes per lap. You'll need to race all the way until you see the checkered flag at the end. If you've had a good race, you'll probably finish near the front, if not a good race, you'll finish a little bit closer to the back, but it doesn't matter as long as you enjoy your racing.

You'll probably make many friends and have a great time. And for the one thing that's most important is it doesn't matter where you finish as long as you enjoy your racing. That's what it's all about.

And that's how to race a dirt bike. .