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How To React If Your Car's Brake Light Comes On

How To React If Your Car's Brake Light Comes On

Among the safety features of a vehicle is the brake light. When this warning light comes on while you are driving, it could only mean that you have a brake fluid problem. It has gone low for various reasons which are taught in this video. So, listen up and keep safe.

Right, we're now going to show you what's the best course of action when you find your brake fluid warning light comes on, on the dashboard. Right, this light is showing us there's a problem in the brake fluid in the vehicle. It has come on while we're driving along, so now, we'll show you how to make some simple diagnostic to see if we can find out what it is.

Your brake fluid warning light is controlled by this unit here, the brake master cylinder. It basically works like a float. When the fluid becomes low, it triggers the float with a light on inside the car.

Well, obviously when the light appears on the vehicle, check that the plug is fitted correctly to the center and you could also see you have a minimum line and a maximum line. If it's below the minimum line, that is why your light is coming on in the vehicle. If you find it hard to see, if you move the bottle slightly, you will see the liquid moving inside.

There are a number of reasons why the fluid will be low and I'll run through those now after our simple easy checks. Right, the first one we would check is to make sure there are no signs of visible leaks by checking the condition of the pipes, etc. You can also look at the back of the rear wheels to see if there are any leaks on the brake drums on those, it's sometimes apparent.

You'd also check perhaps the thickness of your brake pads. Again, if the brake pads are low, the caliber has been extended, so they'll take more fluid which shows the fluid down in there. You could also check the conditioning of your rear wheel cylinder, rear brake cylinders and your rear shoes for deterioration.

Obviously, if unsure anytime, consult your local garage because it's a safety feature of the vehicle. .