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How To Read A Gas Meter

How To Read A Gas Meter

Don't know what to expect when you receive your gas bill? Learn not only how to read your gas meter, but also how to keep track of your gas usage, with the help of Videojug.

Once every quarter, you will need to read your gas meter. I will show you now how to read a gas meter. First of all, you need to locate where your gas meter is kept.

Some proctors have the meter inside; some proctors have them on the outside. You can always tell the ones on the outside, they're in a white plastic box. So, the location of your gas meter is first-off important.

The gas meter in this place is on the floor, in this cupboard, so I will show you now how to read your gas meter. These are the numbers you need to write down to give to your gas company for your bill. In this case, it's 9012, the decimal point at the end, you don't use.

Since you don't know your bill, rather estimate your bill, give you the proper reading. This shows you like a minute hand on a clock, really that goes round all to the points here, and the numbers, like a speedometer on a car. Week by week, just write down your numbers, and then work out on your price of your gas unit used which will give you a rough idea of how much your bill's going to be when you receive it.

That way, you can keep a log to see if your gas bill is going to be higher or lower regarding winter or summer. Obviously, in the wintertime, you're going to be using more gas so your bill is going to be heavier. But obviously, just read your numbers, make a note of them, week by week, and that will keep you informed of how much gas you're using.

And this is how we read a gas meter.