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How To Read Guitar Sheet Music

How To Read Guitar Sheet Music

Having a tough time trying to learn to read your guitar sheet music? Watch this video and learn it in about 3 minutes!

How to reach guitar sheet music. I'm going to assume some knowledge at this stage, so without having to explain the whole of music theory, I want to presume that you know that the key signatures are telling you how many beats in a bar and what a bar is. The main ingredient about playing for guitar is you have to identify where these notes are because the guitar is rather jumbled up.

You can find a C in a number of different places and you can find different octaves of C in different places. So, I've done this diagram here which will help you to some degree. A question that gets asked a lot is "I know I'm supposed to be playing an E but how do I know which E on the guitar?" Well, if your music is on the staff and you are asked to play an E which will be at the bottom line there, then the point of which you can find that E is on the second fret of the D string.

So, I've done a tab here, that's the D string, second fret, and that is this. It's the second fret of the D string. And then the top of the staff, you've got an E in the space.

That's one octave higher than this one and that is the top E string, the open string. So we've got one octave of E here. So if you see some music written on the staff, that would mean that it's between this point and this one.

So I can play all of this without moving my hand from the first position on the guitar. Basically, what that means is if you are seeing any notes on this line or above it, then you're travelling up the E string, up the top E string. Here's an example.

All of these notes will be travelling above the staff. This note here, with three lines, is another E, and you can find that at the 12 fret on the E string. So I've travelled from there to there while doing this chromatically and the same applies to notes below the staff.

So, what's going on here is that's an E and that can be found as the low E string on the guitar. So, anything below the stave is going to be played below the pitch of this note. So, I'm going to play this line now here, and you can see I do not really have to move my hands from the first position.

The best way to learn to read music is to get some proper instruction. You can have a look at it till yourself by various mechanisms, this Associated Board Royal School of Music, Trinity College London, and other people. I prefer books like this for various grades, grade one to eight.

Obviously, grade one assumes some knowledge already, so you'll have to find out about key signatures, time signatures and be able to read these notes on the fret board. So, in the spaces, we got F, A, C, E, that's FACE. And on the lines, we got E, G, B, D, F.

And that's how to read guitar sheet music. .