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How To Read Tire Sizes

How To Read Tire Sizes

Here's a how-to video on reading tire sizes. This provides you with the ability to know what tire descriptors mean and how to read and see if a tire is too low for the road.

In this video, I am going to show you how to read tire sizes. Now, each different tire, each different car, has different sizes depending on what model it is. Here, we have a 2Y555R1691W.

Now, you tell that to any tire company, they will know exactly what tire size you will be wanting. Generally, the 2Y5 stands for the millimeters across the front of the tire, basically from sidewall to sidewall. The amount of area you have got there, the 55 is the percentage of length of sidewall from the first number and the 16 is the inch size of the rim.

The W is the speed rating; there are different speed ratings depending on how fast the car goes. Depth on the tires, you will need to have one of these, a tread depth gauge. Basically, you put it about a third of the way in or somewhere around there.

Push down on the tread depth gauge and it will stop and show you at what millimeters you have tread left. In this case, it is six millimeters which is absolutely fine. Legal limit is one point six millimeters, anything below that is illegal and it's measured across three quarters from the center.

So, the edges can be slightly less, but it's not recommended. And that's how to read tire sizes. .