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How To Reduce Cellulite With Massage

How To Reduce Cellulite With Massage

From www.Free-Massage-Videos.com: Reduce Cellulite with this simple massage technique. All natural, easy to learn, home treatment.

Step 1: Introduction

After explaining in my first cellulite video how to determine cellulite areas, I want to show you here some basic techniques that I use in my cellulite massage work.

Step 2: The Pinch and Pull

The first technique, I call the “pinch and pull.” And basically, you gently pinch the skin and the under lining fat deposit, and you try to lift it up. Start with very gentle pressure first to get the person use to it.

Step 3: The Pinch, Pull and Wiggle

The second technique is “pinch, pull and wiggle” which is basically the same technique as the first one except for after you “pinch and pull” you wiggle a little bit. This will give you a greater range of motion of the layers of skin and will also ultimately lead to a separation of the different layers.

Step 4: Cellulite Separation

As we learn in the first video the cellulite is a junction of fat deposits with layers of the skin which reduces the circulation in that area and makes it so that it turns into a sluggish kind of tissue. Then I usually test again to see if I have achieved some separation, if the skin is more movable now.

Step 5: Repeat

In the areas where I would feel that it still, like a lot of adhesion, I would work on it again; try to, maybe pull a little bit toward the side to achieve the separation that I want.

Step 6: The Push Thumb Technique

The next technique, I call, like a “push, thumb” technique. It’s basically like a squeezing motion, dynamic squeezing motion where the fingers go against the thumb. And you will feel when the tissue is separating because it lets you glide one layer on top of the other.

Step 7: Conclusion

So overall what we try to do is we try to break down these connections of the fat deposit with the layers of the skin to increase the local circulation and to energize these areas.

Usually after a few minutes of this work you can test again with a “pinch, pull and wiggle” and you will see that the area is a lot more mobile.