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How To Reform A Lazy Boyfriend

How To Reform A Lazy Boyfriend

Yes, you can change your man. Learn how you can transform that lazy slob into a helpful member of the household.

Step 1: The Talk

You have to give him fair warning. Come to an agreement about what you expect him to do. And be prepared: it's not going to change a thing.

Step 2: No More Distractions

Hide the remote. Unplug the Internet. No housework, no playtime.

Step 3: Go On Strike

Stop picking up after him. It sounds easy, but it's hard. You'll have to live in filth. For a while. No cleaning… no cooking for him… no.

Step 4: Hire Help

He'll love the clean house. He'll hate the bill. When he thinks of what he could do with that money, he'll roll up his sleeves.

Step 5: Reward

When he does break down and clean, don't say "It's about time!" Be grateful, and show it. Once he sees how far a little housework goes, he'll clean up his act.