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How To Reinstall Internet Explorer

How To Reinstall Internet Explorer

This video aims to help you reinstall Windows Internet Explorer if you have uninstalled it in favor of the recently introduced 'alternative browser' options introduced by Microsoft.

Hi my name is Steve Ling from PC Paramedics. I'm going to give you some useful hints and tips to get more out of your computing experience. Many of you may have seen the 'alternative browser' options that Microsoft has included with some of the latest downloads of updates -- Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and may have uninstalled Internet Explorer to free up this space.

You may have used those alternative browsers and found that you do prefer Internet Explorer and wish to put it back on the PC. There's two ways of doing that. We can use the same applet that allowed us to install alternative browsers to install the latest version of Internet Explorer, version 8, or we can use the control panel of the PC to simply put Internet Explorer back on to the PC.

I'll show you those now. The first way, we open up the 'alternative browser' applet, click 'ok' and here we see Internet Explorer 8 with the ability to just simply install it. I won't run that now because it's quite a lengthy process.

So that's a simple way of putting Internet Explorer back on your PC. The alternative way is to use the control panel. Click on 'Start', click on 'Control Panel' and click on 'Add and Remove Programs'.

This is in fact the reverse of taking Internet Explorer off the PC. Down the left-hand side, we have four options. The option we want is to add and remove Windows components because Internet Explorer is an embedded component of Windows.

We click on there and very shortly we see our windows components list coming up and we can see Internet Explorer and it's minus the tick-box. We are going to check the tick-box and simply click 'next' and wait for the PC to do it's thing, which is done very quickly and then we could close those dialog boxes down, click on 'Start', 'All Programs' and there is our Internet Explorer returned to use. So that's how you put Internet Explorer back on the PC, having removed it.