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How To Relieve Chronic Neck Pain

How To Relieve Chronic Neck Pain

Treating and ridding yourself of chronic neck pain starts with differentiating acute and chronic pain usually based on what caused it in the first place. A physiotherapist talks about the vicious pain cycle and how to manage it.

How to relieve chronic neck pain. At first, it's important to understand that the dynamics of chronic pain is different and the causes of chronic pain are different than acute neck pain. To manage chronic neck pain, you have to understand what's actually causing it.

It's long term pain that's not going away. Whenever you have pain, pain will lead to weakness, some muscles will just shut down. That's just the way it works.

It's usually the stabilizers of the spine, the little muscles that keeps your spine straight, that will lead to instability in your neck which will lead to vulnerability. With instability, you can't turn your head or pick something up, and your neck goes into spasm. That means you're at the instability phase and you're so vulnerable you don't move your head which, again, when you move, it will lead to pain which again will lead to weakness.

It's sort of a vicious pain circle of chronic pain. Now if you really want to treat chronic pain successfully, you have to look at things a bit differently. Now, this is the circle of chronic pain treatment.

What we have to do with chronic pain is we have to do controlled strengthening. This is what we do here at the clinic. Now if you do controlled strengthening, that will lead to increased back and neck strength which is really what you want.

After that happens, you'll have an enhanced stability. Now as I said before, this stage on the pain cycle, it leads to instability but if we do controlled strengthening, we get enhanced stability. It gives the patients much more confidence and which leads to a reduction of pain because the patients use the head properly and do things properly.

Again with this, this reduced pain, we do a bit more strengthening. So, the whole cycle can repeat. A massage will not fix chronic pain at all.

It will give you shorter pain relief. It's the same as taking drugs. Getting a massage, you have to realize you will never get rid of that chronic pain.

It's a short term pain relief. Also, cracking and manipulating the spine is just shortened pain relief. That's why most of the patients I see here at the clinic are chronic neck pain sufferers.

They've tried physical therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic and they're still in pain. You have to look at manipulating the spine, yes, but you have to add soft tissue treatments and you have to add strengthening. Okay, that's basically how you treat chronic neck pain. .