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How To Relieve Ear And Neck Pain

How To Relieve Ear And Neck Pain

If you're looking for some relief for ear and neck pain which has long been agonising you, then this video has all the guidelines for you to track the source of the pain and the relief measures for it.

How to relieve ear and neck pain. Firstly, it is very important to first find out why the ear is hurting, okay. Ear pain can exist separately.

You can have ear infection, for example, or it means there is wax in the ear that causes pain or it can coexist with neck pain. If it is caused by neck, it will usually be very high up in the neck, almost where the neck actually starts under the skull. If you have problem in that area, then you can get referred pain that goes right in to the ears.

Now, when they examine your ears, for example, they will find nothing wrong. There is no infection, there is no wax, that's pretty much very good diagnostic tool you can use to actually find out, is it actually coming from the neck or actually just coming from the ear. If it is coming from the neck, then we can actually treat as physiotherapists.

We look exactly where the pain is coming from, where it is referred from. Usually, there is some compression on some nerve structures and we have to find out why it is happening and we can mobilize that area, we can loosen it up. We can actually try to position the head and bed on top of the neck, relieving the pressure on that area and also look at the muscle structures that are around it.

That's important. If sometimes you get tightness in there, that's called the trigger point. And when you push on those parts, it can refer pains to other parts of area.

Again, it can refer down to your ear. But again, the most common part to find ear pain is when you press this, there is a joint right behind your jaw. It's called temporomandibular joint.

It's the joint where your jaw attaches to your skull. It's a joint when you move your mouth, open and close, it's the one that's moving around there. Now, that's a whole different ball game if we are looking at that.

It can be a lot more complex to treat. And also the reason for that, it is very close to the first cerebrum in your neck and there are a lot of structures that run in that area. But again, as physicians, we can treat that.

But just looking at the ear pain, it can also be referred from your TMJ joint. So, just a recap, how to relieve ear and neck pain, and firstly, we have to find out where the pain is coming form. If it is ear pain caused by the neck, that is easily treated by a physiotherapist because we look at the area which is usually at the top part of your neck, and that, we can treat and also your TMJ joint.

And that's how we treat and relieve ear and neck pain. .