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How To Relieve Left Neck Pain

How To Relieve Left Neck Pain

Physical therapist of eleven years, Dirk Laubscher shows patients ways to relieve left-sided neck pain. He discusses methods that may be used free at home as well as therapies provided by his clinic.

How to relieve left sided neck pain. A most common cause of that is when people have their phone stuck between their ear and their shoulder but it can actually be anything that causes the joints on the side of the spine and the side of the neck to compress. Usually, problems with neck pain are mostly posture related.

It's easy to treat left sided neck pain because commonly, it's just the joints that get strained. What we need to do to treat it is to open up those joints that are compressed. As physical therapists, we use mobilization techniques and rotational techniques to loosen up that joint.

What will also happen with left-sided pain is the muscles will probably spasm up. We can treat that by doing deep tissue massage or more specific trigger point massage where we try and loosen up the very tight areas in the neck, dry needling, acupuncture and also stretches, stretching away from the painful side. Just to recap on how to relieve left-sided neck pain, first is posture correction.

Secondly, we have to look at the stiffness of the neck, we look at that and we can mobilize that and make it looser. The last and very important thing is to strengthen the neck muscles to support the evenness of the head on top of the shoulders. .