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How To Relieve Neck Pain In Children

How To Relieve Neck Pain In Children

Everyone gets neck pain, not just adults. Learn how to relieve your child's neck pain with this short and simple video.

How to relieve neck pain in children. Well, firstly, we have to realize or find out how old is the child because the treatment can differ. Also, we have to remember that children are still growing so the treatments that we can do on children is definitely different, will be different, than that that we do on adults.

Also, we have to find out why this child is getting neck pain. It could be that he was dropped as a baby. That's very common, you know, the head injuries when they're small which can cause injuries on the neck.

If that is the case, we can treat that easily by finding out where the stiff and sore areas are. So, the assessment of the neck will be exactly the same as an adult. We'll see what movements they have, where they're restricted, what's causing the pain.

Now because they are children, it's very uncommon that their disks would be degenerating or that they have any prolapses or no slipped disks unless there was trauma injury. Mostly with children, neck pain is a soft tissue tightness or injury. It is probably spasms in the neck which we can massage, the same as we do with adults, and again, very important thing for children is posture correction and advice.

For example, how to carry their school bags. You know, the best way, for example, is to have straps over both shoulders. Also, sleeping postures, how they study.

So the economical assessment of the desk, for example, is very important. The most important thing for children with neck pain is definitely posture correction and advice, how to carry their school bags, when they read or write, the correct position to sit in. Also, how they sleep and carry themselves.

And that's how to relieve neck pain in children. .