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How To Relieve Right Side Back Pain

How To Relieve Right Side Back Pain

Back pain can be a pain. This clip from VideoJug will help explain why we get back pain and how it can be reversed.

My name is Dirk Laubscher and I've been a physical therapist for over the last 10 years and working in Harley Street for the last 6, and today, I'm going to talk to you guys about the causes and the management of back pain. How to relieve right-sided back pain. Now, if you look at the spine from the back, that would be your right side.

Right sided back pain, in my experience, is always caused by these joints called the facet joints. Again, they are the joints that form between each vertebra and they make forward and backward bending possible and should be quite a smooth movement. How we relieve that is basically we have to loosen it up.

So, we use mobilization techniques in different grades as a physical therapist so we go and manually move it and loosen it up. The second thing we can do is work on the muscles that could be tight because of that tightness in there. Again, we use soft tissue treatment, finger point massage, or needling, stretches and we get rid of that tightness.

Also, another that we do is we give strengthening exercises of the stomach and the back because the main thing you have to understand is the reason why it's got stiff in the first place. Usually, it's a postural thing. You've got weakness on the front of your stomach wall which causes a lot more pressure on the facet joints.

So, what we have to do is we have to correct that for long lasting relief by strengthening your core muscles around here and making sure that they take over the load and your facet joints don't lock up. If it's coming from the discs on the right side, again, there are a lot of techniques we use as physical therapists to try and relive the pressure of that side, again mobilization techniques. We use McKenzie techniques.

Also, a very good home exercise if I can give you just one is lie on your back and you're going to bend your knees and you're going to roll your hips left to right. So, basically, you're going to do that with your shoulders back because you want to basically loosen up those facet joints. .